Soludo to APC Govrs: You Have No Excuse Not to Deliver

Former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Prof Charles Soludo has challenged the APC governors to be critical drivers of the Change Mantra by looking inward saying they have no excuse not to deliver.

The former CBN Governor who was delivering a lecture ” A fragile State With Failing Economy, Making  Progressive  Change Work for Nigeria ” in Kaduna on Thursday, noted that poverty , inequality and unemployment were escalating.

Prof. Soludo noted that poverty has become a dynasty in Nigeria pointing out that ” those who have are having more, while those who don’t have are trapped.

This scenario, he explained, could however be broken through skilled education and industrialisation and that Governor Nasiru El- Rufa’i could lead the way so as to stop the army of unemployed that could be a time bomb for the country.

Prof. Soludo told the governors that progressive means nothing for an ordinary person on the street and urged them to move away from an election winning coalition to a governing team having the control of 23 states and the Federal Government.

He described the collapsed of oil price as a great opportunity and a blessing to Nigeria coupled with a lot of hope and greatness  a head for states to raise revenue.

Prof. Soludo who sees his lecture as a ‘moment of truth’ charged the APC led administration to give Nigerians the deadline of accomplishing the much talked  Change Mantra saying the citizens can not continue to wait endlessly.

On his part, Vice President President Yemi Osinbajo challenged civil servants to see themselves as vanguards of the change agenda to enable the APC transform the country.


He observed that the challenges facing the states were not their making but historical that can not be resolved in a short time.

“Now is time for creativity and depending on  each other for solutions” the V.P said. Nigeria, Prof. Yemi said, has the capability to make a great nation adding that there is no country in Africa that have the enormous resources like this country.

In his address of welcome, the host governor, Mallam Nasiru E-Rufa’i said Nigeria was facing an unprecedented economic downturn caused by the past administration.He said they now have a new fundamental shift from the past to the present on how things should be done.

The theme of the lecture which was the fourth in the series was ” Building the Economy of States; Challenge of Developing  Inclusively Sustainable Growth”, a theme which Prof. Soludo frankly told the organisers that if Nigeria is not secured, sustainability would not be achieved.


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