Regulate Social Media– Forum

Participants at the 2017 Annual Media Clinic of the Africa Media Development Foundation AMDF want the regulation  of  social media, through the use of ethics applicable in
the journalism profession.
The participants  said in a communique at the end of the forum in Kaduna , North West Nigeria  that  Social media laws are necessary, provided all relevant stakeholders
would be involved in the process.
NUJ, the communique said, should sanction erring members  through disciplinary committees , while  professional journalists should  always ensure that they exert their authority in the social media to afford the opportunity to dispel fake reports.
Also professional journalists should ensure that reports are verified and balanced to avoid
falsehood or concocted sponsored reports aimed at disparaging.
Other recommendation was that professional journalists should always get facts and figures correctly from relevant security, humanitarian and statistical agencies.
The participants were  drawn from the media and civil society organisations to x-ray  issues affecting the media with the aim of proffering solutions.
The theme of this year’s forum was “Ethical Journalism in the Wake of Fake  News.

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