Political God Fathers , Impediment to Democratic Governance——–Maiha

Going down the memory lane, the Managing Director , Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical , Mallam Idi Mukhtar Maiha has attributed problems militating against the growth of democracy in Nigeria to the activities of godfathers.

Delivering a keynote address at the 2016  Summit of the North West Zone of the Nigerian Institute of Management on Thursday in Kaduna , Mallam Idi Maiha listed the activities to include control of political parties, selecting delegates and candidates as well as deciding who gets what , as regards leadership positions.


Further more , he said, their activities create much disaffection in the political process as they disregard laid down procedures for party nominations resulting in eliminating popular candidates from party primaries.

Other ‘sins’ of political godfathers are, the declaration of a consensus candidate and the insistence  that those entitled to vote must support the candidate ,that other aspirants must withdraw ,using zoning to exclude perceived unwanted candidates.

On leadership. Mallam Maiha Suggested a reform of the country’s electoral system so as to produce credible leadership . To this end, he said, INEC must be insulated  from partisan politics by removing from the sitting government, the powers to choose its head . Also regulations of parties and campaign financing should be looked at.

Earlier in her remarks , the Zonal Chairman ,NIM, Mrs. Rabi Umar Sodangi  said for change to be achieved, factors such as change of our national attitude to many things, including politics and economics must be paramount.

She noted that all regimes, military and democratic have continuously failed to build a country with political stability, security and sustainable economic development. The theme of the one day summit was ”THE IMPERATIVES OF THE CHANGE AGENDA FOR INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA “

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