Nigerian Environment Not Conducive to Fully Practice Investigative Journalism— Audience

An audience at a film show on investigative journalism which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon has said that Nigerian environment is not conducive for journalists to rob shoulder high with their American counterparts.

Members of the audience were reacting to the film “All the President’s Men,” shown at the Kaduna State University to commemorate the 2017 World Press Freedom Day jointly organized by the U.S Embassy and the university.

The film was the investigative story (Watergate Scandal) painstakingly embarked upon by some journalists of the Washington Post that resulted in the resignation of President Nixton
In 1974 .

The audience acknowledged the doggedness, fearlessness and commitment with which the Washington Post journalists carried out their assignment unhindered.

It therefore unanimously opined that poor welfare and insecurity of journalists as well as interference among other obstacles, would discourage Nigerian journalists from undertaken such adventure.

The audience sighted Nigerian Dele Giwa who was killed in the cause of investigative journalism , while the Washington Post journalists who unraveled the circumstances that led to the resignation of the American President, were still a live in America.

The audience which comprised mostly students of Mass Communication, lecturers and working journalists was however convinced of the crucial role of the media to democracy.

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