Lawmaker Wants Federal Government To Embrace Anti- grazing Law…….accuses it of nonchalant attitude

By Peter Usman, Abuja –

For  peaceful co existence betwern farmers and Fulani  herdsmen in the country, the Federal Government should give full support to any state government that considers it necessary to enact  anti grazing law .

 A member of the House of Representatives from Benue State, north central of the country ,Adamu Ochepo Antonu gave the advice while speaking with  newsmen in  Abuja.

 Antonu stated that the only solution to the perennial problems of farmers and Fulani Herdsmen in the country was to ensure that the anti grazing law be enforced to  the later and with the backing of the federal government.

 He noted that the recurrent crashes between the two parties have been prolonged as a result of the  non chalant attitude of the Federal Government towards addressing the issue.

According to the Lawmaker, there had never been a time whereby herdsmen arrested as a result of killings that were prosecuted in any law court for the offence committed.

 ”The killer-herdsmen, if you are lucky to fraternize with any of them  will tell you that their brother is in power, so nobody can do anything to them. And the federal government has actually demonstrated this by their non-challant attitude towards issues relating to these killers herdsmen and their activities.

 Antonu lamented how his community in Agatu local government Area of  Benue state suffered a lot of casualties in the hands of the Fulani herdsmen saying that Governor  Samuel Ortom administration  has done well by introducing anti-grazing abuse.

 “We have always been advocating  the introduction of ranches all over Nigeria as  the lasting solution to this perennial problem of farmers and Fulani herdsmen crashes.

To God be the glory, the anti grazing law is already in force in Benue state,so it is a very commendable effort by Governor Ortom administration”

 “Introduction of ranch for herdsmen is the only lasting solution to this problem and anybody that wants to go into grazing should go and acquire land for ranch. We have suffered a lot of casualties and we can no longer condone such experience again”

 Giving an insight into  the attack meted on the people of his community, the Law maker  explained that the indigenous Fulani usually invite external Fulani as machinery to come and fight for them each time they have issue with farmers, saying that government has not done anything that will bring lasting solution to the problem.

 ”These external Fulanis  are machinery in disguise and not herdsmen as people thought, the rest herdsmen are the so called herdsmen. They are the ones that go to invite their brothers to come and help them fight” he said.


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