By Ojibili Audu

 The Publicity Secretary, Kaduna State chapter of All Progressive Congress (APC), Interim Management Committee (IMC), Dr. Tahir Attahir has said that the party would become a laughing stock in the State if it accepted the resignation letter tendered by the IMC Chairman.

 The IMC Chairman, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed in a letter of resignation dated February 3rd, 2014 which was addressed to the Secretary of the IMC accused the national leaders of the party of not acknowledging the effort of the State chapter in successfully building one united party out of the legacy parties’

Ahmed said he regretted that his person has been made an issue that could cause further damage to the party, adding that he had to resign from the position of State Chairman to save his reputation.

 However, Attahir  said the Chairman’s resignation would not be honoured by the IMC because according to him it would diminish the good image of the party in the State.

“We will not accept his resignation because we don’t want the party to become a laughing stock among our opponents. We will appeal to him to remain our Chairman since it is still an interim affair”. He said.
Baba-Ahmed’s letter read in part, “Dear colleagues, you know that this has not been easy. Our national leaders have never even acknowledged that we exist, or that we are one of the very few States successfully building one united party out of the legacy parties, a task we were assigned by NEC. My person and position has been made an embarrassing and distracting issue by a few former CPC legislators who wanted things done their own ways.

“I will always be grateful to the vast majority of IMC members, including many fellow former CPC members for standing by me during these trying times. I am grateful to members of the defunct CPC for nominating me as a Elder into the IMC, from which I was unanimously elected twice. In spite of all manner of provocations and subversions, we remained focused, yet our leaders have failed to resolve an issue which until now, was merely casting our party in poor light.

 “I very much regret that my person has been made such an issue that it could cause further damage to our great party. I reluctantly have to resign from the position of State Chairman with which you trusted me. I pray that you will find a way to continue to build a State party structure which is not treated as a personal property, but an asset for our members, and a veritable means of bringing real change in Kaduna State and Nigeria.

 I will be less than honest if I say I did not expect a decisive effort from the national leadership of our great party in this and other States to resolve conflicts and build a party that will be vastly superior to our opposition, and I hasten to add that I am stepping down only because it is clear to me that my position is deliberately being used to destroy the party’ in this State, and those with responsibility to stop it will not do so.

“Just when we thought we have successfully prepared our members to participate in an important Registration Exercise, our efforts are again being subverted by the indifference of our leaders and the antics of a few former CPC legislators.

The Registration Exercise in our State is being threatened by crass ambition, supported by weak, visionless and fractured leadership.

I cannot be part of this, and I cannot in all honesty lead a party by having to grovel and beg for space to serve millions of our fellow members.

“I will continue to remain a member to the APC, and I will work for it until it realizes its vision and goals of rebuilding our great country.

 I thank you, my colleagues, for your faith and support, and I regret that my resignation may upset many members of our party who supported us. The task ahead of gaining power to rebuild this nation is so critical, that no Nigerian should stand in the way of deep and necessary changes.

“I remain a loyal member of the APC, and I look forward to contributing in any way I can to the realization of its goals”.

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