INCITEMENT: Kaduna Orders Arrest Officials of Northern Youths Coalition

 NIGERIA : The Kaduna State Government has ordered the immediate arrest of officials of northern youth coalition for giving ultimatum to Ibos residing in the North to leave following continued agitation for break away by a pressure group in South East of Nigeria.

Addressing a news conference in Kaduna , Wednesday, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media and Publicity, Samuel Aruwan said the government strongly condemned “the inciting, hate speech credited to the” self appointed northern youths as regards the ultimatum which was capable of threatening the corporate existence of the nation.
He stated that the state government  affirmed  the constitutional right of every Nigerian to own property , move freely and to live in peace and harmony wherever he or she resides.
Mr.Aruwan stated that the government takes exception to the fact that the youths did what he called their irresponsible press conference in Kaduna.
“People who may feel unhappy about irresponsible comments or actions that have taken place in other states must know that two wrongs cannot make a right, and they can not use our state to do or say things that threaten the peace” , he said.
“We will not tolerate such irresponsible statements and conduct in our state. The statement issued by the northern youths violates the laws of Kaduna state . Therefore, the Kaduna state government has directed that its Ministry of Justice should prepare charges and prosecute the signatories and anyone complicit in arranging this egregious assault on the rights of fellow citizens,” he said.
The government, he added , has urged residents to ignore the threats adding that it is in contact with the leadership of the Igbo community in Kaduna  among others that believe in the strength of the constitutional order to protect all citizens.
 ” KDSG wishes to encourage all our people to celebrate the diversity with which the Almighty has blessed us, to continue to shun agents of division, and to stand firm in upholding a common humanity, Every one has a right to
live in peace and harmony. ” he concluded.
The Northern Youths Coalition had at a news conference in Kaduna given the Igbos resident in the North up to October 1st to leave while northerners in the Southeast should back home .

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