Govt Tasked To Make Bank Loan Easily Accessible For Universities To Provide Students’ Accommodation

By Peter Usman, Abuja

Vice Chancellor, Plateau State University, north central of the country, Prof. Doknan Decent Sheni has called on  the Federal and State governments to create an avenue where universities in the country could access loan easily from banks for the building of student hostels.

Speaking to newsmen after a meeting of the Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities in Abuja, Sheni  said Government should enhance its policies in such a way that construction of students’  accommodation will be easy for Vice Chancellors.

He maintained that if  the issue of inadequate accommodation in the nations universities should  be solved,  the government, private sector and the management of the institutions should join hands together .

The Vice Chancellor, who blamed part of the problems on lack of proper planning by some institutions, especially for the new intakes, stated that as new students are coming, provision should be made for their accommodation and other logistics so as to rid off the menace of students staying outside campuses.

According to him, “Some of the problems in our universities are common, while others are specific. The common ones cut across all the universities in the country which is inadequate infrastructures and this has limited our services to some extent.”

“Frankly speaking, when students stay outside campus that is not good enough, because their level of concentration will be low considering the fact that they live in the slums where there are no amenities such as constant water supply, lack of electricity, toilets, security among others”

Also speaking in an interview ,  the Vice Chancellor, Birmingham University, Abuja, Prof. Leonard Fwa urged government to give value  to  Nigerian Universities, saying that where leaders of tomorrow are being trained, should be taken care of appropriately.

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