El- Rufa’i to new Agwatyap, Build Bridge of Peace.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has charged the new Agwatyap Mr.Dominic Gambo Yahaya to build the bridge of peace among his subjects as he assumes office.

Installing the Gwatyap and handing him his staff of office on Saturday amidst ululations , cultural and traditional dances ,Governor El-Rufa’i then descended on those he said were hatters of peace and propoments of self-help.

He said:  “Our state needs everyone in formal and informal positions of leadership to speak up for and to uphold a common humanity.   “Too many merchants of hate and division menace our land.

They seek to have their bread buttered by the suffering and destruction that violence brings. They promote a persistent victim mentality, pushing a narrative that relegates and diminishes people and inclines them to base conduct.

“They package ordinary people into the mistaken and dangerous belief that the dice is always loaded against them because of religion and region, thereby fuelling a baseless sense of rage and hate.

When and wherever violence wrecks havoc to live and limb, they see opportunity to feather their nests, rather than embrace their responsibility to work to ensure everyone’s right to life, movement and residence is respected.  .

“We must all soberly acknowledge that the ultimate guarantee of peace is the willingness of people to live together in harmony and mutual respect,” he explained.

“Whatever the grievances may be, the appropriate conduct is to report to the law enforcement agencies. We have been disappointed to hear people who should know better issuing irresponsible calls for self-help.

This must stop! We intend to vigorously prosecute them to encourage compliance with our appeal,” he said.

Responding, the Agwatap,  a Master Degree in Town Planning and retired Permanent Secreatry fm the Kaduna State Civil Service in 2010, thanked el-Rufai  for finding him worthy of the appointment.

He said: “I owe so much gratitude to this community for giving me overwhelming support that has culminated in today’s event. I want to assure my people and indeed the Kaduna State Government that I will not betray the confidence you have reposed in me.  “The security situation in Kaduna State is a source of concern on reports reaching  us about killings and burning down of houses in surrounding chiefdoms.

We will adopt proactive measures jointly with other chiefdoms to secure and sustain the peace. I will embark on sensitising my people to be law abiding, vigilant and security conscious.

“I will mobilise the diverse groups in the chiefdom on the need to unite and work together as one entity.

The need to shun all divisive tendencies that propagate disunity.

“I will similaryly endeavour to mobilise my people towards self sufficeny in agricultural production strategies, formation of cooperatives societies, embarking on self-help projects as well as sourcing for  government  intervention and support,” he said.

Dominic Yahaya  succeeds Dr. Harrison Bungon who passed away  in April.

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