El-Rufai Orders Arrest of Master mind of Chawai Killers

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state has ordered fulani leaders in Chawai chiefdom to produce one Haruna suspected to be  the brain behind the recent killings in the area. The Governor in company of Security Chiefs in the state gave the order on Monday while addressing the community on the unfortunate incident which claimed dozens of innocent lives.



The Governor warned that if the fulani leaders failed to produce the suspect, law enforcement agents would be drafted to ‘ hunt’ for the said Haruna.

Mallam El-Rufa’i warned that the government would not condone a situation where people resort to self help.

” A recalcitrant, this Fulani man called Haruna, we think is connected with what happened. I have appealed to the Fulani leaders to bring him in, to know what his grievances are, and find a way to listen to his own side of the story.

But if he doesn’t come forward the security agents have a clear instructions to hunt him down, apprehend him and bring him to Justice, ” he said..

” We will not accept a situation where people resort to self-help that leads to loss of lives and properties in Kaduna State. ”  Kauru has relatively  been peaceful compared to other parts of Kaduna State and am very grateful  to His Royal Highness, the Chief of Chawai .

For all the efforts he has put in along with his village and district heads to prevent this, but unfortunately sometimes in spite of best efforts , these things happen.

And as you can see , they are always people who want to take advantage of division and it is our duty to make sure that we do not succumb to that .We insisted on law enforcement, fairness and justice for everyone.

“The Chief of Chawai has also complained  about poor infrastructure,  the roads here are terrible we are working on some of them and we will do more to connect the communities in this chiefdom and in all parts of Kaduna State”.

” We have resource constraints like every other states, but we will do our best.   Kauru is the only federal constituency that voted for president Muhammadu Buhari, in southern Kaduna ,so it is a very special constituency for us.

Any time I see the President he is always asking me, what are you doing for Kauru because this is the only local government area that President Muhammadu Buhari won, so we will do our best.   We are also working on the telecom infrastructure , because many parts of the local government area are not covered by GSM, we are also working on that.

Even last week in Thailand I spoke with the Minister of communication and the executive secretary of NCC on this issue of black spots in Kaduna State this is what we are doing and am appealing to the communities to live in peace with one another because security is not only in the hands of the leaders, the traditional rulers or even the security operatives , because ultimately we can only be secured when we decide to live in peace with one another .

The leaders and Security agencies can only come in and settle disputes and punish those that commit crime but living in peace is the responsibility of everybody,  If communities that have  lived together for over 100 years, wake up one morning and said this one is a stranger, this one is a settler or natives this is a recipe for trouble .

That is why this government has paid kin attention to the issue of indigenship, If anybody decided to come and live in Kaduna and is contributing to the development of the state, he is a citizen and will have equal rights.

Because we cannot believe that any Nigeria will be a stranger in Kaduna State.

We urge all to live in peace and respect one another and it is our prayer that this incident would be the last in the chiefdom, this local government area and Kaduna State “, the governor said.

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