Biafra Agitation :Inclusion of Igala , Fraud and Grave Insult- Group— demands apology

The inclusion of Igala kingdom, eastern part of Kogi State , north central Nigeria to form part of the purported Republic of Biafra amounts to  fraud and grave insult to the Igala race.

Consequently, the agitators have been warned in  strong terms to tender an open apology and immediate retraction of the wrongful inclusion.
An Igala  socio- cultural group, UFEDO FOUNDATION OF NIGERIA gave the  warning  in a statement made available to thepenmasternews.
The statement  issued  by the organisation’s Trustee and National President , Dr Labaran Abalaka and Dr James  Nda Abalaka  said that the Foundation was aware that no meeting was held between the Igalas and the leadership of the agitators towards the inclusion of the Igala race in the Biafran Agenda.
Similarly, the Foundation frowned that neither had there been any discussion nor any contemplation at any time for the Igalas to move out of the present Nigerian State.
“Therefore for the Biafran agitators to single – handedly carve a map of their envisaged Republic  and include the Igala Kingdom- the 9th largest ethnic group in Nigeria, amounts to fraud and a grave insult to the Igala race. We demand an Open Apology for the insult , and immediate retraction of the wrongful inclusion”, the Foundation warned.
The Foundation reaffirmed that the Igalas are satisfied being in Nigeria, and are contended with the present Nigerian nation.
According to the Foundation, the Igalas will present their own grievances with the Nigerian State, if any, as the situation may arise , through the appropriate channel and at the appropriate time.
Even though , it  is a  non – political and non partisan and  the Biafran issue might be political in nature depending on individual perspective, the Foundation explained,  it felt obliged to defend the people by doing what it called the needful.
The Foundation reaffirms  commitment to its major objectives including protecting and defending the rights and privileges of all members as well as promoting the socio- cultural identity of the members In particular and the entire Igala people in general.

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