AVENGERS:Hold Buhari Administration Responsible, Should Anything Happens to Goodluck Jonathan——–Group

The Movement for Genuine Democracy in Nigeria, MGDN wants all peace loving Nigerians to hold this administration responsible should anything happens to former President Good luck Jonathan.

The Movement said in a statement in Kaduna that there is a comical attempt to set former President Jonathan up as the sponsor of the Niger Delta Avengers.

The statement signed by the Chairman and Secretary, Mr Jonah Ishaku and Shuaibu Lawal further called on Buhari administration to face the task of governing Nigeria and stop ” planting stories whose sole purpose is to distract Nigerians from that appalling state of affairs in the county in the last one year”.

“Who in his right mind, would waste time before denying an obviously fabricated story? Does it make sense to use Dr. Jonathan’s denial as the desperate proof to nail him as sponsor of NDA?”


“And how preposterous can these intelligent reports be? Citing the fact that the former president used his influence to sue for peace as a smoking gun! This can only come from an unintelligent intelligence agency.”

“What a pity that in less than  18 months, an administration that inherited a democracy, has turned Nigeria into a police state.

“What a pity that a government that inherited the fourth fastest growing economy in the world, has only bequeathed to us, an economy in recession.

“Polio that had vanished, is now back with us. Starvation is now the order of the day in the North which is meant to be the food basket of the nation.

” Pilgrims are getting concessionary dollar rates , while legitimate businesses cannot access foreign exchange and our government is unable to pad our roads though they can pad their budget.

“Rather than fix these, they are grasping at straws in their desperation to find a scape goat for their non performance.

“They claimed that South- South Governors at a meeting in Aso Rock, fingered Jonathan, yet the South South governors have openly and directly denied the allegations and one of them pronounced a curse on the faceless people feeding these lazy journalists these tales by moonlight.”.



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