By: Ebute Amos Mathew

The calm and beautiful trough within which the school is sandwiched between upland surrounded by Kaduna metropolis natural serenity which could be vantagely viewed from the city epicenter.

Location of the school at the heart of Kaduna gives it an advantage of equidistance location from virtually every direction in Kaduna metropolis.

A school that started from a humble beginning as a tutorial class on the last floor of the famous Leventis Building at the popular Ahmadu Bello Way, grew up steadily within a spate of 14 years due to uncommon ingenuity of the founding father of the school, Chief Niyi Adeyemo, an astute member of Nigerian Academia whose passion and zeal to take education to the remotest hamlet in the Nigerian society could not be overemphasized.

The idea of conceptualization of the school was muted in him and he, without hesitation set the wheels in motion and followed the ideas practically with utmost sincerity and commitment which metamorphosed into reality and the school became a force to be reckoned with not only within the shores of Nigeria but among international community in academic excellence.

Adeyemo College since its inception in 1987 has changed the pace and momentum of the way and manner education especially that of Secondary school is dispensed in its base, Kaduna State. Before now, in late seventies and early eighties Proprietors of Secondary Schools had little concern for standard rather, they busied themselves with the material advantage derived from the business of proprietorship of schools.

Chief Niyi Adeyemo has tenaciously upheld the spirit and purpose for establishing the college which he said he wanted to give education in quality and quantity to achieve the desired goal of transforming the ever teeming youth population of Nigerian society who have hitherto been shortchanged due to indifferent attitude of stakeholders in education in Nigeria over the years which have negatively affected quality of Secondary School Leavers who subsequently get admitted to tertiary institutions and become half baked graduates which according to him affects inputs into Nigerian labour market resulting in lacking skilled professionals capable of turning available raw materials into finished consumer and allied products.

It has always been the philosophy of the founding father of Adeyemo College to completely train adequately the three ‘Hs’ enshrined in the human body. They are: the head, the hand and the heart which he believes when they are properly trained to perform their primary duties as they are supposed to, the human being will as a result become an educated entity in the society. He said training the head entails impacting the right knowledge into the brain to enable an individual to solve everyday’s challenges posed by time and place. He believes the brain, which is the bedrock of every function in human body be it intellectual, psychological and what have you must be stretched to its elastic limit by training and learning to bring out the best in an individual to either become an inventor or a conveyor of inventions to supposed beneficiaries of such innovations by trained and learned people in the society.

He continued, “training the brain alone would not suffice an individual to face challenges of the world. He therefore, needs the power of communication to transform knowledge gained from one point to another so that the society would become a vicious circle with an unending circulation of knowledge. Training the hand encompasses equipping it to practicalize into reality knowledge gained by the brain.” He also mentioned writing as a formidable weapon through which an individual can conquer his daily problems. “Can you imagine a world without writing?” he asked. A literate society is a bright society while an illiterate society is a dark one without a future.

In addition to training the “head” and “hand” is the heart which he said was the most powerful organ in human body that controls every of our activities. Subsequently, the heart must be given its own training and discipline to do what the society has over the time feels is right either through divine means i.e. religion or through learning by opinion leaders, scholars, teachers e.t.c. in the society.

He believes training a single individual is like training a whole society because, he said, “knowledge circulates from a point of learning very fast to other points where it is a stranger. And due to inquisitiveness of the human being he tends to incline his heart towards knowing new things in life. To demonstrate this is to take our minds back to stages of revolution in human existence; from stone to bronze age, from bronze age to iron age and from iron age to computer age e.t.c.”

Well articulated indeed; that was analogy and analysis of Chief (Dr.) Niyi Adeyemo who has anchored working principles of his school on hard work for excellence and he has tenaciously worked towards achieving excellence in everything he sets out to do especially the school project which has been to sound modest a big success.

Since the establishment of the school in 1987, it has through hardwork and commitments by himself and a team of committed members of academic and non-academic staff of the school been churning out well bred students who have excelled in various tertiary institutions at home and abroad. The school has laid the foundation for production of Engineers, Doctors, Accountants, Economists, Architects, Scientists e.t.c. Therefore, contributing their quota to the betterment of Nigerian society which has due to many years of decadence in education been relegated in the comity of friends at international level.


The school has won many national and international laurels in academic excellence through participation of students of the school.

In 2008 the College was invited to participate in the America/Nigerian Students Exchange Programme funded by the US Department of State Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs. The school was represented by a brilliant and young SS Student by the name Nafisat Ibrahim.

In 2009 – 2010 Edition, a student of the school, Bernard Isiekwem represented Kaduna State at National Science Competition.

In 2009 the trio of students of school namely; Aliyu Ummul Khair, Salman Samira and Diyo Karimah won the Youth Exchange and Study Programme.

In 2011, Hashim Muhammed, Saeed Ibrahim and Aisha Waziri won the US Department of States Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Programme (YES). Students of the college have stood out in virtually all the competitions they have participated in which include; Chemical Society of Nigeria, Bookworm Competition by IOWA Resource for International Service, Islamic Centre of Desmoines to mention but a few.

These and many more are testimonies of hardwork  towards excellence which cannot be achieved without perseverance, sincerity of purpose and commitment to service which the Proprietor has made a working tool for both staff and students of the school which according to him have been the secret of his success in turning within a short period of time a tutorial class into a mega learning institution that can be reckon with internally in terms of academic excellence. In the nearest future, it is the vision of Chief Adeyemo to see that the college has mushroomed to East, West and South of Nigeria covering every geopolitical zone of the country. This he said it eventually realized could be a milestone in educating Nigerian child towards achieving excellence in this present age endless competition by nations in innovation and achievement.

When students are taught for the purpose of impacting knowledge on them so that they could be useful members of the society, they will excel in any circumstance and situation they find themselves in no matter how tedious the situation may be. It is in this light that the college in line with laid down principle and procedure of Chief Adeyemo that pupils and students of the school should not be taught only for purpose of passing exams.

But they should be taught the core knowledge of being independent and knowing all subjects they are taught so that they could see themselves in school not only to pass exams and leave but to learn, gain knowledge and work with it in their respective large societies.

Without the fear of sounding immodest, the school has in its favour a record of achieving a hundred percent success in WAEC and NECO in a transparent and deserving manner. This fact has been attested to by various stakeholders at different fora who have showered praises and commendations on the school management for attaining such a rare feat where many have failed.

This fact could be appreciated more when one juxtaposes a long time down turn and outright failure in WAEC and other recognized Secondary School Leaving Certificate Exams in the country by Nigerian students who due to failure of their teachers and decadence of learning and teaching in our schools have often found it difficult to make the required subjects needed for higher learning.

At Adeyemo College, failure at exams has no place in the school’s curriculum because, students are not only trained and taught on basic skills and rudiments of passing exams, they are made to pass the exams in flying colours no matter how difficult exams’ questions may be.

Furthermore, astute confidence is instilled in students to be themselves and their true selves whenever, however and wherever they find themselves in academic, social and religious ground.

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