2019 Presidency: Northern Youth Back Fayose

Northern Youth Group led by Alhaji Musa Gombe has said that it is strongly backing the aspirations of Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State who recently declared his intention to contest for Presidency come 2019.

Addressing newsmen in Kaduna Thursday. Gombe said his group all over the North has decided to support Fayose because of what he represents.

“We have followed his track records carefully and based on our modest assessment of this gentle man we reach a conclusion that Fayose is the only person now that has the qualities to take Nigeria out of the wood. He is highly principled, focused and committed to true federalism and most importantly youth and women empowerment.

“I have not met him before and he is not our sponsor, we decided to support him because we are impressed with his antecedents. It is not about where you came from, yes President Buhari is from the North  and I am from the North but that is not the issue, it is about survival of Nigeria as a country. Fayose has the zeal, and the mind to lead this country.

“Look at what is happening in the Buhari regime, the youth have been grossly short changed, in this regime, we have ministers that are over 80 years, the implication of this is that the youth have  no future in this country, our group is saying NO to this and we see only Ayo Fayose fighting for the youth,” he said

According to him, Fayose has every right to contest the presidency because he is a Nigerian, adding that the days of tyranny are  gone; “We are not in Military regime people reserve the right to say their minds. The reason why some people in government hate Fayose is because he tells them the truth. We are asking him to contest the presidency not governor of Gombe state. So people should understand our point”, he said.

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